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Why come and work with us?

Our vision is to radically improve learning for the 1.5 billion school students of the world. We pursue this vision because no other single factor has higher impact on the long term prosperity and well-being of humanity than education. Yet technology has previously not delivered on its promises of better learning. At Kognity, we have set out to do this.We provide intelligent textbooks to schools in over 100 countries on 5 continents, allowing students to learn things faster and more effectively, and teachers to help students reach their goals.

Kognity is growing fast and we are looking for the sharpest brains, biggest hearts, and greatest drive in Stockholm and internationally, willing to take part in making the world a better place by working at a fun, caring and challenging environment.

Our values

We maximise progress
With the ambitions we have, we know we must work hard and smart to take great leaps forward every week. We make every day and every week count by carefully pursuing only the most effective and impactful actions. We love to deliver real outcomes, since we know that this is where actual value is created. In short, we get a lot of important stuff done, and make sure to drive the company forward in our work.
We take care of ourselves and each other
We care about and prioritise our own well-being. We also go beyond what people normally expect from colleagues to make sure we are all enjoying the Kognity journey. This care manifests itself in actions - helping each other out, being flexible throughout the good, bad and intense periods of life, and being considerate of other people’s feelings.
We are transparent
We share information widely, and are transparent about our intentions, our actions, and our thought. We always put our genuine thoughts on the table. Hidden agendas, company politics or seeing information as power slow our progress and are not acceptable at Kognity. We know that transparency makes us better, faster.
We share honest feedback
We share feedback on each other's work, opinions, and behaviours in a honest and direct way, because we know that this is the most efficient way to improve ourselves and the company. We say when we think something makes sense and when we think it doesn't, and explain why. We share feedback constructively, but we do not sugar coat it. When receiving feedback, we do our best to avoid being defensive and we separate emotions from feedback received. We know that feedback is shared with us to help us grow.
We drive change, in our thoughts and actions
Along our journey we always face new challenges. We address this by having flexible, curious minds. We’re always ready to challenge how we see and do things. We practice intellectual humility. We think about the limitations of our thoughts and what unconscious biases that influence us in our decision making. We know that change is the only constant and that we constantly must evolve our thinking and actions to new heights, to reach our ambitious goals.
We own it
We own our tasks, our commitments and our decisions and always deliver on what we have said we will do. This makes us able to trust each other, which is necessary for good teamwork. We meet our goals by focusing, not by pursuing all tasks and outcomes that would be “good to do”. In fact, we know that saying no to things is one of the most critical aspects of meeting our goals and commitments.

Linnégatan 87D
115 23 Stockholm Directions


10200 Bangkok Directions

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  • Aliaksei Harabchuk
  • Alice Ford
  • Alice Kelly
  • Amber Deane
  • Andreas Jungmar
  • Angelica Rådman
  • Anna Helme
  • Anna Lifvergren
  • Anne Remy
  • Bruno Furtado

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